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Kozicky, Helen
Person · 1916-2007

Helen Kozicky was born on February 6, 1916, in Calgary. Her mother came to Canada as a 2 year old child, and her father was 18 when he came. Her family was Greek-Catholic. During the Russian revolution her uncles and father came first to the USA and then to Canada; her father was a president of the Ukrainian church. Her mother grew up in Vegreville; she belonged to the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League.

During the WWII, in November 1942, Helen Kozicky went overseas as a Sergeant. There were 8 women from each province. She took a course on driving a vehicle and repairing it. She was part of the Alberta Women’s Service Corp, first female contingent overseas to provide services for the Headquarters. Ukrainian Canadian Services Association was established in 1944; Ukrainian Club in London. Kozicky was the Secretary of the Club for 2 years.

Helen Kozicky died in Calgary in 2007.

Sopuliak, Michael
Person · 1908-1982

Michael Sopulak was Head of the Department of Social Care of the UCC, later a professor at the Ukrainian Theological Seminary in Hirschberg (Germany) and Kulemborg (Holland), since 1949 chancellor of the diocese in Edmonton (Canada), and director and co-editor of the "Ukrainian News" publishing house.

Michael Sopulak graduated from the Seminary of the Holy Spirit in Lviv with a bachelor's degree in Theological Studies, M.A., and Ph.D. in Theological Studies in Innsbruck, Austria.

After graduation, he was ordained a priest in 1936 by the Auxiliary bishop Ivan Buchko. The subdiaconate was conferred on him by the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky.In Lviv he was a director of the Vocational School, and therefore director of the Publishing House "Biblos".

During World War II, Michael went west and began working in Krakow for the Ukrainian Central Committee as the head of its Social Welfare Department. There he provided important assistance to Ukrainians in need and, especially, Ukrainian political prisoners.

During the Surrender of Germany in 1945 Michael was in Nuremberg. After the arrival of the Americans, he began to work in the committee in Fürth near Nuremberg. Later he was called to become a professor of dogmatics at the Ukrainian Theological Seminary in Hirschberg, Germany, where he also served as deputy rector.

In 1949 Dr. Sopulak moved to Canada for permanent residence in the Edmonton Eparchy, Alberta. Michael served as a Chancellor of the Eparchy and the Director of the “Ukrainian News” Publishing House. He worked in this position for more than 30 years, later serving as an editor-in-chief and as the head of the “Ukrainian News” publishing house.

Michael Sopulak founded the Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Eucharist in North Edmonton in 1950, and St. Michael's Ukrainian Cemetery in 1955. Among other achievements, on the initiative of Dr.Sopulak, was purchased and built the Ukrainian Village, which annually hosts summer camps for Ukrainian school children.
Dr. Sopulak was struck down with a serious illness in 1981. The last 24th issue of the weekly “Ukrainian News” newspaper was already edited on his hospital bed.