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Authority record
Corporate body · 1972 -

The Ukrainian Music Association of Alberta was founded on February 27th, 1972 at a Ukrainian National Federation meeting. The founders were four members of the Alberta Registered Music Teachers: Maria Dytyniak (piano), Iryna Pawlykowsky (piano), Serge Eremenko (violin), and Neonila Dmytruk (piano). They noticed that many professional musicians of Ukrainian descent regularly attended the Alberta Registered Music Teacher's meetings. They founded the association because they believed that professional musicians and enthusiasts that have an interest in Ukrainian music, should have a place to come together. 8 years later, on March 1st, 1980 the UMAA became part of the Province of Alberta.

The goal of the association is to "emphasize that Ukrainian music be preserved and promoted by skilled and talented musicians, and that an appreciation and understanding of Ukrainian music and its composers be fostered through performance, education and media within and beyond the Ukrainian community" (Ukrainian Music Society of Alberta).

Today, the Ukrainian Music Association of Alberta (UMAA) goes by the name of the Ukrainian Music Society of Alberta (UMSA).