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Ivan Lahola collection
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Articles on World War II

Newspaper clippings of articles dealing with Ukrainians and World War II.
Originals and photocopies, Ukrainian language: 1980-1992. English language: 1972-1985.

Biographical Material

Contains biographical materials about Lahola, such as newspaper articles about Lahola's family: Bohdan Lahola, Irene Lahola, M. Lahola, and Roman Lahola, photographs, and newspaper articles about him and his family.

Business Letters from various Ukrainian Organizations

-SUM - Edmonton - 1972
-PLAST - Edmonton - 1974
-Ukrainian Credit Union - Edmonton - 1975
-Taras Shevchenko Foundation - 1975
-Patronage F.U.C. & A. for Kobzar - Winnipeg - 1976
-The Cossack Restaurant - Edmonton - 1976
-Ukrainian Youth Unity - Edmonton - 1976
-Heritage Series of Concerts - Edmonton - 1976
-UVAN - Winnipeg - 1978
-Harvard University Ukrainian Studies Fund Missasauga - 1979
-Patronage NTSH-EY2 - Edmonton - 1980
-U of A Dept. of Slavic Languages - Edmonton - 1981
-Verkhovyna Ensemble - Edmonton - 1983
-Fort Edmonton Historical Foundation - Edmonton - 1984


Files 7-16 contain personal letters written by Ivan Lahola to Chuiko, Dr. Klymyshyn, his daughter Lida Lahola, his son Roman Lahola, V. Makar, Okipniuk, P. Savaryn, Soreiko, and correspondence to his relatives in Ukraine.
Files 17-25 contain personal letters written to Ivan Lahola from various individuals.
Individuals include Petro B. Boian, Wladyslaw Fortuna, Mykola Iclymyshyn, Yurij Kowalsky, S. Lewyckyj, Michael Kowalsky, Hryhorii Naniak, Roman Lahola, Mychailp Babii, M. Czujko, Peter Dackiw, Ivor Dent, Bohdan Kcjor, and more.
Files 26-34 contain business letters written to Ivan Lahola from the Dnipro Choir of Edmonton, the Ukrainian Canadian Committee, Ukrainian War Veterans' Assn. of Canada, World Congress of Free Ukrainians, Canadian League for the Liberation of Ukraine, World Congress of Free Ukrainians, Ukrainian Free University Foundation Inc., National Tribune, International Congress of Political Prisoners of Communist Regimes, SUM, PLAST, Ukrainian Credit Union, Taras Shevchenko Foundation, and more.

Correspondence between John Lahola and MICHAEL KOWALSKY

Correspondence between John Lahola and MICHAEL KOWALSKY - of
Calgary, brother of Yurii Kowalsky. General letters, Christmas card,
concentration camp mentions.

  • 4 original letters - 1980, 1985, date/unknown
  • 2 photocopies of the date unknown letter (accompanies the original)
  • Ukrainian language, typed
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