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Archival description
Church in Ruin project
CA BMUFA 0273-1 · Series · 1935-1990, predominantly 1984-1988
Part of Oleh and Bozhena Iwanusiw collection

The series comprises six albums with over two thousand original photographs, predominantly of churches of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchies whose territories fell within contemporary Poland and Slovakia (then Czechoslovakia). There also are photographs of many significant Lemko and Boiko events attended by Oleh Iwanusiw, such as the Sopot Festival (1985) and others, and discrete photographs of people, big trees in churchyards, and local nature. The albums are supplied with three binders of detailed indexes, lists, and maps of the churches (in the acknowledgment to his book Iwanusiw wrote that he is grateful to his father, Jaroslaw Iwanusiw, who was his "faithful secretary during the filming, and who was largely responsible for the preparation of the map, and for corrections to the text"). The series also contains an original book jacket of the "Church in Ruin" album, reviews of the album, feedbacks of "Church in Ruin" exhibit attendees in Lviv, and some other textual materials.

CA BMUFA 0273-2 · Series · 1965-1990, predominantly 1988-1990
Part of Oleh and Bozhena Iwanusiw collection

Variety of manuscripts, notes, drafts, newspaper clippings and published scholarly papers of different authors about Ukrainian church (Catholic and Orthodox), texts of sermons, an interview with Roman-Catholic Bishop of Peremyshl Ihnatii Tokarchuk, materials of the Ukrainian Christian movement by Атанас Фіґоль.

CA BMUFA 0273-3 · Series · 1918-1990, predominantly 1983-1988
Part of Oleh and Bozhena Iwanusiw collection

Museum booklets and leaflets (from Svidnik Museum and others), newspaper clippings and papers on the Carpatho-Rusyn issues, some personal notes, scholarly papers of different authors in the Polish language about Ukrainian culture, border culture, the 'Wisla' operation, "Encyclopedia of Ukraine" booklet, and copies of the following brochures:

  1. Кубійович Володимир. Мої друзі, співробітники, колеги. Відбитка з "Сучасности", 1983.
  2. Петришин М. Будують чи руйнують? З приводу діяльности огранізації українських націоналістів. Видавництво "Пролом", 1932.
  3. Крапка над і. Відкритий лист з приводу так званого "закордонного представництва" Петра Григоренка/ Dotting the i. An open letter on the occasion of the so-called 'western representation' of Petro Hryhorenko. Anabasis, 1980.
CA BMUFA 0273 · Collection · 1918-1990, predominantly 1985-1988

The collection consists of materials related to the "Church in Ruins" project initiated and conducted by Oleh Iwanusiw. In particular the collection comprises six albums of original photographs predominantly of churches, crosses and Christian sacral places, but also important cultural events and people, scholarly papers and other textual materials related the creator's scholarly interests.

Iwanusiw, Oleh and Bozhena