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Shevchenko Scientific Society in Edmonton collection
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Biographies and obituaries

The series contains biographical information and publications of the following people:

  • Ярослав Федуник
  • Юліан Буцманюк
  • Петро Тимків
  • Михайло Козак
  • Яків Остафійчук
  • Іван Манастирський
  • Василь Чопей
  • Микола Залєський
  • Мелетій Снігурович
  • Василь Іванець
  • Антін Мартинюк
  • Віктор Байрак
  • Антін Байрак
  • Тимотей Мацьків
  • Степан Манастирський
  • Богдан Ростислав Боцюрків
  • М. Суховерський
  • Микола Фляк
  • Борис Мигаль
  • Василь М. Вал
  • Тадій Зелеський
  • Дмитро Михайло Штогрин
  • Мирослав Гладишевський
  • Іван Мірчук
  • Юлян Ґеник-Береовський
  • Михайло Хом'як
  • Ярослав Росляк
  • Людвик Крип'якевич (Крип)
  • Михайло Гуцуляк
  • Юрій Стефаник
  • Іван Кейван
  • Марія Адріяна Кейван
  • Олександер Кузьмінський
  • В.Н. Мацьків (V. N. Mackiw)
  • Іван Німчук (Nimczuk)
  • Михайло Росляк
  • Євген Вертипорох
  • Roman Smal-Stocki
  • W. Kunda ( В. Кунда)
  • В. Лазорко (W. Lazorko)

Book donations

The series consists of documents concerning NTSH's donation of Ukrainian books and paintings to Western Canadian universities and city libraries. It includes lists of books, correspondence on this matter, as well as newspaper clippings about book donations. The series also contains lists of books donated for NTSH and those without information regarding purpose of creation.

Founding documents

The series contains drafts of statutes of the World Council of Shevchenko Scientific Societies and the Shevchenko Scientific Society in Toronto (n/d), as well as a notarized copy of the Province of Ontario Letters Patent Incorporating Scientific Shevchenko Society (1959).

Incoming letters

The series consists of the NTSH Edmonton branch incoming letters. Among others there are correspondence from:

  • Bohdan Bociurkiw (1959-1965)
  • Yulian Bucmaniuk (1958)
    *Nicholas Flak (1963-1964)
  • M. Hladyshevsky (1962-1964)
  • Mychailo Hutsulak (1959-1963)
  • Ivan Keywan (1958-1968)
  • Volodymyr Kubiiovych i Zenon Kuzela (1950-1958)
  • Lev Krypiakevych (1956-1959)
  • Basil Laba (1956-1962)
  • W. Lazorko (1963-1965)
  • O. Maslianyk (1957-1964)
  • I. Mirchuk (1956-1961)
  • Orest Starchuk (1956-1965)
  • Yar Slawutych (1961-1965)
  • Il. Chelowsky (1962)
  • Roman Smal-Stocki (1959-1964)
  • Volodymyr Yaniv (1955)
  • Stepania Zhmurkevych (1956-1962)
  • Eugene Wertyporoch (1954-1968)
  • official correspondence from NTSH in Toronto including financial and other reports, leaflets, event programs, invitations, etc. (1951-1966)
  • official correspondence from NTSH in New York including reports, information about celebrations, book distributions, and conferences (1958-1974, n/d)
  • Letters form Canadian League for Ukraine's liberation (1941-1968)
  • Ukrainian professional Society of North America (1960)
  • Ukrainian Canadian Committee (1960-1964)
  • National conference of Canadian Slavs (1965-1967)
  • Union of Military Invalids, USA (1958)

News of the NTSH in Europe

Separate issues of the periodical entitled "News of the NTSH in Europe" (Вісті Наукового товариства імени Тараса Шевченка в Європі) published in Sarcelles, Frances, and edited by a secretary of the European division of the NTSH. Over time the title of the periodical changed.

Newspaper clippings

Series of newspaper clippings covers topics of the Ukrainian dances and music, Ukrainian political movement, as well as contains the "Chronicles of Ukrainian life in Canada" newspaper series by Olha Voitsenko. Includes a photograph of unknown person.

Notes on history of Ukraine

The series consists of two notebooks containing detailed notes on early history of Ukraine and Ukrainian art by unknown person. The books do not seem to be thematically connected to the collection. Probably these are private documents of one of NTSH leaders or a person who donated the NTSH documents.

NTSH Bulletin

The NTSH Bulletin (Бюлетень Наукового товариства ім. Шевченка) was published by the main office in Sarcelles for internal use only to keep different divisions and branches of the organization connected. The series contains a separate issues of the Bulletin.

NTSH's leaflets

Various leaflets (обіжники, комунікати, інформаційні листки) issued mainly by the NTSH offices in Munich or Sarcelles informing its members about elections, meetings, conferences, and other important official events.

Outgoing letters

The series consists of copies of outgoing letters sent out by Edmonton branch of NTSH. the correspondence includes information about upcoming events, organization's reports, greetings, invitations, reports, and other documents.

Shevchenko Scientific Society in Edmonton collection

  • CA BMUFA 0290
  • Collection
  • 1941-1974, predominantly 1950-1968

The collection consists of documents pertaining to activities of NTSH, Edmonton branch. It includes correspondence, founding documents, programs, invitations, etc. The collection also comprises documents related to St. George's Parish in Edmonton, notebooks and newspaper clippings probably collected by someone else.

Shevchenko Scientific Society