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CA BMUFA 0114-2-UF2017.037.b005 · Item · 1936-1941
Part of Peter and Doris Kule collection

This book contains short poems from various acquaintances of Doris Kule between the years 1936 and 1941.

Celebrating Alberta CAs
CA BMUFA 0114-3-UF2017.037.e020 · Item · 2006
Part of Peter and Doris Kule collection

This clipping from a newspaper announces an annual event by The Institute of Chartered Accountants from June 8-10, 2006, in Edmonton. The clipping provides details on the event, including the location and types of awards being provided. Accompanying these details are the names and photos of the Fellows of the Chartered Accountants, of which Peter Kule is highlighted.

CA BMUFA 0114-3-1-UF2017.037.e031 · Item · October 24, 2000
Part of Peter and Doris Kule collection

This document certifies Mr & Mrs Peter & Doris Kule as Founding Donors of the Lighthouse of Icons commemorating the Bi-Millenium of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Lighthouse of Icons was an institution run by the Studite Fathers in Woodstock, Ontario. The document is signed by Rev. Evtimy Wolinski.

CA BMUFA 0114-3-UF2017.037.e036 · Item · 1978
Part of Peter and Doris Kule collection

This document commemorates the recipient for contributions to the Stadium Seat Endowment Plan. The endowed names appear on a plaque on the south concourse wall of the Commonwealth Stadium. The stadium was completed for the Commonwealth Games held in Edmonton, Alberta from August 3rd to 12th, 1978. The scroll is signed by the president of The XI Commonwealth Games Canada (1978) Foundation, Maurice Lewis Van Vliet.

CA BMUFA 0114-2-1-UF2017.037.e032 · Item · May 20, 1977
Part of Peter and Doris Kule collection

This award was presented by the Edmonton Public School Board to Doris Kule as recognition for long service. The document recognizes Doris Kule's 31 years of service from September 1, 1945, to January 31, 1977. The document is signed by the Chairman and Superintendent of the Edmonton Public School Board.

CA BMUFA 0114-1-UF2017.037.e018 · Item · August 4, 1954
Part of Peter and Doris Kule collection

This certificate states that Peter M. Kule possesses the necessary training and practical experience in accounting to be registered as a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. It is signed by both the chairman and the secretary of the Accountants Experience Appraisal Board.

CA BMUFA 0114-3-UF2017.037.e015 · Item
Part of Peter and Doris Kule collection

This item contains materials relating to the Honorary Doctorates given to Peter and Doris Kule by Saint Paul University. This item contains clippings and photocopies of various newspapers covering the event. The item contains the acceptance speech by Peter and Doris Kule. It also contains a number of letters of congratulations from various individuals and organizations such as, but not limited to:
Roméo LeBlanc, former Governor General of Canada
Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada
Ralph Klein, former Premier of Alberta
Cornelius J. Pasichny, OSBM, former Eparch of Saskatoon
Isidore Borecky, former Eparchial Bishop of Toronto
Roman Danylak, former Titular Bishop of Nyssa
Severian Yakymyshyn, OSBM, former Bishop of New Westminster Eparchy
Basil H. Losten, former Bishop of Stamford
Rev. Myron Chimy, OSBM
Mac Harb, former MP and Senator
David Motiuk, Epharcial Bishop of Edmonton
Sister Janice Soluk, ssmi, Provincial Superior
Sister Angelica Hodowansky, ssmi, Local Superior
Maria Pastuszenko, former Eparchial President, UCWLC
Elsie Warawa, English Corresponding Secretary, UCWLC
Rev. Mark A Bayrock