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CA BMUFA 0009-2-1-UF1998.037.m016.14 · Item · August 10, 1964
Part of Robert Klymasz fieldwork collection

Translation of the content:
They don’t use a tree (derevtse) any more [for the wedding], as they did at the beginning. They would cut a piece from a pine tree, the one that has five branches, and it is in the middle, and there are two on the sides. Then either at the bride’s or groom’s house, they start decorating it with greenery. When the groom is heading to the bride’s house, they are bringing the tree with them, and a korovai (wedding braded bread) which was baked and wrapped into something red. So, the best man is carrying the korovai. When they come and sit at the table, they cut the korovai into pieces, and it’s very magnificent. (Here they throw away so much bread…) And they present those pieces of korovai with the tree and the flowers from the tree to the relatives. It’s different here. It’s more delicate here. And there, it’s all relatives, it's poor…
The tree is standing on the table, and then when the groom is going to the bride’s house, he is bringing his tree, so hers would be moved aside. And then later during propii, when the bride’s mother is going to take off her wreath, then they take the bride’s tree to the groom’s place. So, the bride is still wearing the wreath, and she is waiting for her mother and father and other relatives, and she has curls, as we used to do them above the forehead – one is curling one way, and the other – the other way, … so we would put on gerdans and a wreath, and … And when the mother comes, she takes off all those decorations and gives them to the relatives

Rozmarynovych, Dokiia