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Kozicky, Helen
CA BMUFA 0021-K-2008.024.c117 · Item · 5 Jul. 1983
Part of CIUS oral history project

Part 1: Born in Calgary on February 6, 1916; her mother came to Canada as a 2 y.o. Child and her father was 18 when he came; Greek-Catholic family; during the Russian revolution her uncles and father came first to the USA and then to Canada; her father was a president of the Ukrainian church; her mother grew up in Vegreville, could not write, she belonged to the Catholic Women’s League; Het’mantsi, Helena personally knew Danylo Skoropads’kyi; UNO; Mr. Korol’ (??) was a Sotnyk at Het’mantsi, Paul Bayrak (??); Mr. Kupchyk (??) belonged to the National’ne ob’iednannia; Mykhailo Hetman (??); she went to Catholic school, did not finish the High School; she was a female vice-president of the Legion; she is the only female Sergeant Major in the Calgary ???????; Catholic vs Orthodox church; meeting Savchuk overseas; in November 1942 she went overseas as a Sergeant; there were 8 women from each Province; took a course on driving a vehicle and repairing it; Alberta Women’s Service Corp; Skoropads’kyi’s visit in 1948; John Didora (??); ULFTA and Het’mantsi; First Female Contingent overseas to provide services for the Headquarters; Ukrainian Canadian Services Association was established in 1944; Ukrainian Club in London - Chernevskyi (??) the President; Fr. Horoshko (??); Kozicky was the Secretary of the Club for 2 years; Panchuk as a Director of the Club.

Part 2: Panchuk as a Director of the Club; Emily from Vegreville; Fr. Savchuk, Fr. Horoshko and several others having meeting after which Panchuk resigned; Fr. Horoshko; CUC supporting the Club; Tony Yaremovych (??); 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Legion celebrated in Winnipeg - Ukrainian Branch hosted them; her name in Ukrainian is Kuzyts’ka; UCLA (??) and Vorobets’ (??); Yuzyk (??), Panchuk, Khraplyva (??) - sent information to the Orthodox in Canada; Peter Vorobets’ (??); Frolyk (??); Danylo Skoropads’kyi and his protege Korostovets’ (??); Frolyk the glamour boy; her discharge from the Army; DPs; Dr. Bohdan Mykhalyshyn (??); Dr. Stan Roshevskyi (???); Panchuk; Fr. Kushnir; Fr. Horoshko; Tony; John Yuzyk; Kozicky now travels with the Association of Wealthy People; her father went to the USA in order to avoid conscription in the Russian Army; DPs.