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Helen Kozicky collection
CA BMUFA 0297 · Collection · 1944-1945

The collection consists of a diary of Helen Kozicky who was a Secretary of the Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen's Association Club in London, England, during World War II. She kept the diary during 1944-1945. The Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen's Association was founded in January 1943. Its goals were social and humanitarian. The executive and active members helped to make the Club "a place of relaxation with a Ukrainian home atmosphere." There is also a UCSA membership card issued on January 30, 1944 in the name of Peter Poohkay.

Kozicky, Helen
CA BMUFA 0021-K-2008.024.c117 · Item · 5 Jul. 1983
Part of CIUS oral history project

Part 1: Born in Calgary on February 6, 1916; her mother came to Canada as a 2 y.o. Child and her father was 18 when he came; Greek-Catholic family; during the Russian revolution her uncles and father came first to the USA and then to Canada; her father was a president of the Ukrainian church; her mother grew up in Vegreville, could not write, she belonged to the Catholic Women’s League; Het’mantsi, Helena personally knew Danylo Skoropads’kyi; UNO; Mr. Korol’ (??) was a Sotnyk at Het’mantsi, Paul Bayrak (??); Mr. Kupchyk (??) belonged to the National’ne ob’iednannia; Mykhailo Hetman (??); she went to Catholic school, did not finish the High School; she was a female vice-president of the Legion; she is the only female Sergeant Major in the Calgary ???????; Catholic vs Orthodox church; meeting Savchuk overseas; in November 1942 she went overseas as a Sergeant; there were 8 women from each Province; took a course on driving a vehicle and repairing it; Alberta Women’s Service Corp; Skoropads’kyi’s visit in 1948; John Didora (??); ULFTA and Het’mantsi; First Female Contingent overseas to provide services for the Headquarters; Ukrainian Canadian Services Association was established in 1944; Ukrainian Club in London - Chernevskyi (??) the President; Fr. Horoshko (??); Kozicky was the Secretary of the Club for 2 years; Panchuk as a Director of the Club.

Part 2: Panchuk as a Director of the Club; Emily from Vegreville; Fr. Savchuk, Fr. Horoshko and several others having meeting after which Panchuk resigned; Fr. Horoshko; CUC supporting the Club; Tony Yaremovych (??); 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Legion celebrated in Winnipeg - Ukrainian Branch hosted them; her name in Ukrainian is Kuzyts’ka; UCLA (??) and Vorobets’ (??); Yuzyk (??), Panchuk, Khraplyva (??) - sent information to the Orthodox in Canada; Peter Vorobets’ (??); Frolyk (??); Danylo Skoropads’kyi and his protege Korostovets’ (??); Frolyk the glamour boy; her discharge from the Army; DPs; Dr. Bohdan Mykhalyshyn (??); Dr. Stan Roshevskyi (???); Panchuk; Fr. Kushnir; Fr. Horoshko; Tony; John Yuzyk; Kozicky now travels with the Association of Wealthy People; her father went to the USA in order to avoid conscription in the Russian Army; DPs.