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1993 Audio Tapes

Klid interviews Konolyk, Netcheporenko, Hryniuk and others. She also speaks on various topics such as Chornobyl, famine, Israel, festivals ect..

1994 Audio Tapes

Audiotapes contain interviews with Kopotun, Andriievska, Savaryn, and others. Klid speaks on Kuchma's visit to Canada, bilingual education in Alberta, Bosnia, and many other topics.

1995 Audio Tapes

Audiotapes include interviews with people like Dr. Bilash, Babarash, and Lahola. Klid also discusses topics such as hockey, art in the internet, pysanka in Vegreville, and many more.

1996 Audio Tapes

Audiotapes contain interviews with Rusnak, Fukalo, Hawrylysmyn, and others. Klid also discusses topics such as drilling and trade commerce, small businesses, Chornobyl, and many others.

2.7.3 - Financial Records

This subseries contains an accounting book for the operations of UCBC from 1938-1989, as well as a will from Bishop Neil Savaryn stating how much of his estate was to be bequested to UCBC. Other materials are reports and correspondence documenting the charity status of the organization as well as the planning of the Casinos and Bingos held by the Edmonton Eparchy.

2.7.5 - Conventions

This subseries contains files pertaining to conventions held by UCBC Edmonton Eparchy from 1951-2019. Records include agendas, minutes, promotional materials/ephemera, reports, financial and planning documents. President's and other related reports are also included.

2.7.7 - Projects

This subseries contains files pertaining to projects that were planned and/or executed by UCBC Edmonton Eparchy. The bulk of the records are from UCBC Day, a day for celebrating brotherhood, as well as multi-year Koliada (carolling) fundraising campaigns. Other big projects include UCBC anniversary celebrations, Heritage Days planning, and UCBC commemorative days.

2.7.9 - Educational Programs

This subseries contains files pertaining to educational projects and activities that were planned and/or executed by UCBC Edmonton Eparchy. The files include information on bilingual programs in Alberta, fundraising and awards, as well as petitions organized in response to provincial bills affecting education.


The main part of the sub-series constitutes numerous M. Bilas’s letters to Chester and Luba Kuc (1984-2004). The subjects of these letters are the artist’s works, his daily life, social and political news, and his plans for exhibitions in Canada. There is also a small number of letters from other individuals to Bilas and the Kucs in both Ukrainian and English. Chester and Luba Kuc sent a number of parcels to Bilas with tools for his artistic work, as well as food, and the collection contains orders and invoices with detailed lists of their contents.


The sub-series contains catalogs of the artist’s exhibitions in Lviv and Kolomyia in 1984, [1990], and 1992 and a guide to the Truskavets museum named after him. The brochures have Bilas’s inscriptions to Chester and Luba Kuc. A number of materials are related to the exhibition of M. Bilas’s tapestries from Kucs’s private collection in Canada, such as the introduction of the artist in Ukrainian and English languages, list of the presented works and correspondence with Ukrainian organizations in Canada. The exhibition was held at the Edmonton Ukrainian National Federation (UNO) Hall in 2004.

Mykhailo Bilas's works

The sub-series consists of Mykhailo Bilas's drawings and sketches, drafts of his tapestries. They were mostly created during the late 1980s-early 2000s (1989-2003) with a few samples from the early 1970s. Bilas’s works depict scenes from everyday life and holidays rituals. The clothes of his characters show the regional variety of Ukraine. The pictures were sent to Chester and Luba Kuc and on the back of many sketches one can find Bilas's notes and full letters to them. The materials are characterized by detailed descriptions of colors and materials. Сollection also contains photo slides (“clichés”) of Bilas's works.

Publications on M. Bilas in periodicals

The sub-series includes a selection of publications on M. Bilas, his works and exhibitions in newspapers and journals («Novi dni», “Narodna tvorchist ta etnohrafiia” and others) from the late 1970s to the early 1990s.