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Ashley Halko-Addley fieldwork collection

  • CA BMUFA 0228
  • Collection
  • approximately 2018-2019

This collection consists of materials collected by Ashley Halko-Addley for her graduate research project, Waxing Away Illness, at the University of Alberta. In 2018, Ashley conducted interviews and observations of the wax ceremony in Saskatchewan and Alberta. This collection consists primarily of transcripts, audio recordings, and fieldnotes, with select supplementary materials.

A supplementary website was created by Ashley Halko-Addley. The website highlights some of the participants and important selections from their interviews. The website can be accessed here:

Halko-Addley, Ashley

Manoly Lupul collection

  • CA BMUFA 0265
  • Collection
  • 1903-1999, predominantly 1960s-1990s

The collection consists of various materials, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, minutes, brochures, periodicals about history, culture, Ukrainian organizations, education and bilingual programs in Western Canada collected and organized by Manoly Lupul.

Lupul, Manoly

Ukrainian Diaspora Composers collection

  • CA BMUFA 0271
  • Collection
  • 2001-2021

The collection consists of articles about Ukrainian diaspora composers researched, written, and translated within the Ukrainian Diaspora Research Project conducted by the Ukraine Millennium Foundation.

The Composers of the Ukrainian Diaspora Research Project was initiated in 2001 when Pittsburgh musicologist Taras Filenko, PhD, approached Ukraine Millennium Foundation president Gordon (Bud) Conway, offering to research and author the project. The UMF Board supported the concept and received permission from the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission to use gaming funds to pay for the long-term project. The project was to include the biographies of approximately 40 composers living and working outside Ukraine. It was originally conceived as a book, but ultimately has become a compilation placed into the Bohdan Medwidsky Archives of the Kule Centre at the University of Alberta.

Phase One, completed in 2021, contains articles on 21 composers of the Ukrainian diaspora. Written primarily in Ukrainian, the files have been translated into English and edited by Lada Hornjatkevyc from 2008 to 2021.

In a letter dated from October 3, 2001, Dr. Filenko related the rationale of the project:

“One of the purposes of this project is to bring hitherto hidden composers into the spotlight of international music. I feel strongly that there will be many discoveries. For example, there were two brothers-composers in the Ukrainian musical milieu at the end of the 19th century. Their surname was Akimenko, one of them emigrated to France and the other remained in Ukraine and composed under the pen name Stepovy.

I recently learned that the brother in France, although living in poverty, composed music as well… This is just one of the many interesting realities on the journey into the unknown terrain of the resurrection of Ukrainian music.”

Many years later, in 2020, Dr. Filenko explained why the article on Vasyl Bezkorovayny was still incomplete. The archive was in his brother’s private home in Simferopil and had been inaccessible since the Russian takeover of Crimea. These stories reveal some of the challenges in compiling research on composers included in this project.

Because Ukrainian history includes centuries of foreign domination, a great number of composers and musicians left their homeland and took up residence in other countries. Australia, Canada, Italy, Czechia, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and other countries have benefitted from the talents of their nationals of Ukrainian heritage. The Ukraine Millennium foundation intends to fund research into the identification of these composers.

Phase One of the Composers of the Ukrainian Diaspora Project includes Fedir Akimenko, Virko Baley, Vasyl Bezkorovayny, Peter Deriashnyj, George Fiala, Mykola Fomenko, Michael Hayvoronsky, Andrij Hnatyschyn, Wadym Kipa, Alexander Koshetz, Marian Kouzan, Gary Kulesha, Larysa Kuzmenko, Hryhory Kytasty, Zenoby Lawryshyn, Zenowij Lysko, Yuriy Oliynyk, Roman Prydatkevytch, Ihor Sonevytsky, Stefania Turkewich-Lukianovych and Wasyl Wytwycky.

The Diaspora Composers Project was designed to develop through four stages, described by Dr. Filenko in 2002:

Stage 1. Initial (Preliminary)
Evaluation of the existing research related to the project. Gathering publicly available and published information on the subject. Further delineation of the sub-stages of the project. Definition of the most efficient way of gathering information.

Stage 2. Intermediate
Systematization of the material based upon historical, socio-political, geographical and cultural criteria.

Stage 3. Advanced
Selection of auxiliary sources for additional information. Reevaluation of the cultural context and the role of the particular individual in cultural development and his/her influence on the musical culture. Musicological analysis of the selected compositions, comparative analysis of the stylistic characteristics, etc.

Stage 4. Final Stage
Unification of the form of presentation, development of academic apparatus, such as indices, maps, music examples, photo materials, and possibly audio material. Style of footnotes, especially related to archival materials from different countries, list of illustrations and additional materials.

Future of the Project
Upon completion of the Composers of the Ukrainian Diaspora Project (Phase One), with files on 21 composers placed in the Bohdan Medwidsky Archives in 2021, UMF intends to continue to fund Phase Two of the project.

Ukraine Millennium Foundation

Peace River Country collection

  • CA BMUFA 0287
  • Collection
  • 1963 - 2001

The collection is composed of еtwo groups of materials. Namely, the St. John the Baptist Church books, and self-published family histories.
The following books from the Peace River Country Collection are added to the Kule Folklore Centre library:

  1. Калинчук, Микола. Де ставок та млинок. Оповідання. Обгортка й рисунки С. Гординського. ЛЬвів: Видавництво "Вікна," 1930 (has a stamp of the Branch Youth Section Ukrainian Labor-Temple Association and the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, High Prairie Branch;
  2. Настасівський М. Українська іміграція в Сполучених Державах. Ню Йорк: Видання Союзу українських робітничих організацій, 1934 (a stamp of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, Wolyn Branch);
  3. Луговий Ол. Визначне Жіноцтво України. Історичні життєписи у чотирьох частинах. Торонто: Український робітник, 1942 (a stamp of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, Wolyn Branch).

Oleh and Bozhena Iwanusiw collection

  • CA BMUFA 0273
  • Collection
  • 1918-1990, predominantly 1985-1988

The collection consists of materials related to the "Church in Ruins" project initiated and conducted by Oleh Iwanusiw. In particular the collection comprises six albums of original photographs predominantly of churches, crosses and Christian sacral places, but also important cultural events and people, scholarly papers and other textual materials related the creator's scholarly interests.

Iwanusiw, Oleh and Bozhena

Michael S. Kucher collection

  • CA BMUFA 0274
  • Collection
  • 1956-1985, predominantly 1980-1985

The collection comprises two volumes of newspaper clippings and other related documents (such as press releases, minutes of meetings, official letters) entitled "Alleged War Criminals in North America." The publications reflect debates around accusations of war crimes.

Kucher, Michael Stanislaw

Helen Kozicky collection

  • CA BMUFA 0297
  • Collection
  • 1944-1945

The collection consists of a diary of Helen Kozicky who was a Secretary of the Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen's Association Club in London, England, during World War II. She kept the diary during 1944-1945. The Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen's Association was founded in January 1943. Its goals were social and humanitarian. The executive and active members helped to make the Club "a place of relaxation with a Ukrainian home atmosphere." There is also a UCSA membership card issued on January 30, 1944 in the name of Peter Poohkay.


George Kowalsky collection

  • CA BMUFA 0276
  • Collection
  • 1945-1946

The collection consists of published and unpublished chapters of George Kowalsky's memoirs about the Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps in 1943 and 1944. The memoirs were partly published in 1946 in the "Christian Road. Ukrainian religious-social weekly," a Ukrainian language periodical disseminated among Ukrainian DP in Germany. Besides that, the collection is comprised of an English translation of one part of the memoirs, one religious poster, one photograph (portrait), a typed concert program where father Kowalsky was a choir conductor, and a typed statistics of deaths in Dachau by April 29, 1945.

Kowalsky, George

Jaroslaw Iwanusiw collection

  • CA BMUFA 0279
  • Collection
  • 1936-1990, predominantly 1954-1990

The collection consists of correspondence, leaflets, and reports related to the fundraising for and subscription to the Encyclopedia of Ukraine (Енциклопедія Українознавства), which the creator collected as a representative of the "Encyclopedia of Ukraine" dissemination in Alberta and a treasurer of the Patronage NTSh-EY-2 in Edmonton. The other part of the collection is comprised of the documents related to the Alberta fundraising for the Leonid Pliouchtch family in France. The collection also includes a rare collective photo from 1936 or 1937.

Iwanusiw, Jaroslaw

Parasia and Wasyl Iwanec collection

  • CA BMUFA 0280
  • Collection
  • 1915-2013, predominantly 1940s-2013

The collection contains materials of an artist Parasia Iwanec such as photographs and reproductions of her paintings, reviews, newspaper articles about the artist, exhibit programs, biography, personal documents, as well as embroidered shirts and tablecloths, ceramics. A small part of the collection consists of Wasyl Iwanec papers such as official documents, memoirs, and autobiography.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl

Michael Luchkovich collection

  • CA BMUFA 0281
  • Collection
  • 1922-1995, predominant 1930s-1960s

The collection consists of personal papers, letters, addresses, translations, and scrapbooks. The documents show Michaele Luchkovich's activities as a member of Parliament and community leader. It also contains materials of his translation projects, literary discussions, and political debates.

Luchkovich, Michael

UCAMA memorandums collection

  • CA BMUFA 0284
  • Collection
  • 1919-1990 (predominant 1930-1982)

This collection consists of various memorandums, briefs, and resolutions compiled by UCAMA. It was processed by UCAMA and updated by BMUFA

Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta

UCAMA presentations collection

  • CA BMUFA 0272
  • Collection
  • 1901-1992

This collection includes speeches, addresses, and public presentations, predominantly unpublished, by various community leaders. The collection contains materials of many leaders and members of women's organizations.

Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta

Ivan Keywan collection

  • CA BMUFA 0289
  • Collection
  • 1942-1995

The collection consists of three groups of materials. Firstly, a two-volume "History of Ukrainian art" by Ivan Keywan; secondly, a series of reproductions of artworks by different artists; thirdly, two articles by Ivan Keywan.

Keywan, Ivan

Shevchenko Scientific Society of Western Canada collection

  • CA BMUFA 0290
  • Collection
  • 1941-1974, predominantly 1950-1968

The collection consists of documents pertaining to activities of NTSH, Edmonton branch. It includes correspondence, founding documents, programs, invitations, etc. The collection also comprises documents related to St. George's Parish in Edmonton, notebooks and newspaper clippings probably collected by someone else.

Shevchenko Scientific Society

Праця : Просьвітній двотижневик для Руського народу в Бразилії

  • CA BMUFA UF2009.032
  • Collection
  • 1912-1923

Pratsia (Brazil) («Праця»; Work; in local transcription: Pracia). A Ukrainian newspaper in Brazil published by the Basilian monastic order in Prudentópolis since 1912. Initially a fortnightly, it became a weekly in 1915. It carried mainly regional news and religious articles. It was closed down by the Brazilian authorities in 1917–19 and 1940–6. Annual almanacs have been published (with interruptions) by the paper since 1919. In 1966 it added a regular children’s section. The press run has been estimated at approximately 1,700 in the 1930s and 2,300 to 3,000 in the postwar period. Pratsia editors have included O. Martynets, Yosyp Martynets, M. Nychka, I. Vihorynsky, K. Korchagin, V. Burko, and V. Zinko. (Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine)

Heritage Savings and Trust Company

  • CA BMUFA 0300
  • Collection
  • 1967-1990

The collection consists of textual records: meeting minutes, financial statements, annual reports, promotion plans, correspondence, handwritten notices of meetings, extensive personal notes by P.Savaryn interpreting and capturing events, newsletters, and one photo of Savaryn’s family. The collection is composed of seven Series.

Heritage Savings and Trust Company

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