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CA BMUFA 0020 · Collection · late 1800s - late 1900s

The Sluzar Music Score is a collection of over 1,600 handwritten, copied and printed sheet music items and musical scores, and it contains more than 2,500 individual songs. It contains a unique variety of musical genres – from folk songs to opera and operetta scores, and from classical to liturgical and spiritual songs. Most of the pieces are arranged for choral performance; however, many solos, duets, quartets, and even instrumental arrangements are included as well.

The collection spans nearly a century in its compositions and publications, from the late 1800s to the end of the 20th century. Its songs reflect the incredibly rich historical legacy of the Ukrainian people and chronicle events from Cossack and chumak times all the way to the World Wars of the 1900s. The collection also strongly reflects the customs and traditions of the Ukrainian people through its assortment of folk songs – from hahilky and Kupalo songs to koliadky and shchedrivky.

Sluzar, Wolodymyr
Sharak family collection
Collection · 1891-1976

The collection consist of personal documents (birth certificates from Audtro-Hungarian Empire, marriage certificate, military ticket from inter-war Poland), immigration documents (passports with visas, ship cards) and other personal documents of Andrew and Polly Sharak. Both Polish passports have their photographs.

Sharak family
CA BMUFA 0002 · Collection · 1895-1980s

Collection consists of correspondence, memoirs, diaries, school reports, financial documents, photographs, research notes of Sophia Kyforuk and Octavia Hall.

Kyforuk family
CA BMUFA 0283-2 · Series · 1899-1974
Part of Mychailo Holynsky collection
  • The series consists of several letter written by Holysky and rich correspondence from his son Bohdan (1967-73), as well as Ivan Derkach (1966-72), Petro Krawchuk (1966-73), Pavlo Matsenko (1939-72), Mychailo Petrovskyi (1969-73), Antin Rudnyckyi (1968-72), and other correspondents.
  • The series also contains copies of correspondences between M. Lysenko and S. Krushelnytska and Krushelnytska's letter to K. Bolonska (1899)
  • Telegrams
  • Letters to Holynsky's wife with condolences on his death
CA BMUFA 0272 · Collection · 1901-1992

This collection includes speeches, addresses, and public presentations, predominantly unpublished, by various community leaders. The collection contains materials of many leaders and members of women's organizations.

Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta
CA BMUFA 0272-13 · Series · 1901-1990
Part of UCAMA presentations collection
  1. Andrej Sheptyts'kyi. “Rusynam osilym v Kanadi.” L'viv, 1901.
  2. Romana Smyk. Slovo na vidkrytti vystavky tvoriv Bohdana Lepkoho v Edmontoni, Kanada 19 lystopada 1977.
  3. Iurii Spolitakevych. “Lyst do moikh pryiateliv.” 19 chervnia 1977.
  4. Orest Starchuk. “Ivan Franko - shekspiroznavets'.” 1956.
  5. Bohdan Stebel's'ky. “Rolia Natsional'noi Kul'tury v Zhytti Ukrains'koi Spil'noty.” Dopovid' vyholoshena na konferentsii KUK u Winnipegu, 16 hrudnia 1972.
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  14. About Taras Shevchenko. “1857-yi rik u zhytti Tarasa Shevchenka (Stolittia vyzvolu Shevchenka z zaslannia).”
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  18. Яр Славутич:
    • "Іван Франко як соборник (Промова проф. Яра Славутича для українського радіо в Едмонтоні, виголошена в серпні 1960)." Український голос. Вінніпеґ, 24.08.1960
    • "Поет і нація (Промова на Шевченківському Свфті в Едмонтоніб 6 ерезня 1983 року)." Українські вістіб Удмонтоню March 9, 1983.
    • "За нові методи навчання," Вільне слово, 22 серпня 1959.
    • "Самостійність України і завдання українців Канади." Canadian Farmer, Winnipeg, March 5, 1962.
    • "Значення творчости Тараса Шевченка (Промова д-ра Яра Славутича, професора Альбертського університету на Шевченківському Свті в Едмонтоні, 20 березня 1977)." Українські вісті, 31 березня 1977.
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  20. Соловій М.М. "Кардинал чи патріарх? Уваги про гідності Його Еміненції Кардинала Йосифа."
  21. Стебельський Богдан. "Перший листопад 1918."
  22. Стечишин С. "Про писанки."
Miscellaneous Information
CA BMUFA 0269-6 · Series · 1903 - 1989
Part of Ivan Lahola collection

Contains information about various acquaintances of Lahola's such as Petro Marunchiuk, Stephan Lenkaws'kiy, Valentyn Moroz, Yevhen Hrivna, Antoni Havryluk, Mr &Mrs Halina, contains obituaries, birth certificates ect...
Files 133-138 contain unrelated topics such as lists of names, newspaper articles, a lesson book on gun use, geographical materials, and a list of rules handwritten by a child.

Manoly Lupul collection
CA BMUFA 0265 · Collection · 1903-1999, predominantly 1960s-1990s

The collection consists of various materials, newspaper clippings, manuscripts, minutes, brochures, periodicals about history, culture, Ukrainian organizations, education and bilingual programs in Western Canada collected and organized by Manoly Lupul.

Lupul, Manoly
Religious Events
CA BMUFA 0269-4-93 · File · 1904 - 1984
Part of Ivan Lahola collection

Brochures from various religious events. Brochures include the programme and the banquet for the Ninth Congress of Ukrainian Catholics of Canada, the convention of the Ukrainian Catholic Council of Edmonton Eparchy, the Mass Rally in Defence of Religious Freedom in Ukraine, and more.

CA BMUFA 0269-4 · Series · 1904 - 1996
Part of Ivan Lahola collection

Files 51 to 81 contain files from Lahola's Community Life in Canada. Includes Lahola's collection of information from UCAMA, the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, RUKH, SUSK, KYK/UCC - Ukrainian Canadian Committee, Ukrainska Narodna Pomich (Ukrainian National Assistance), Ukrainian Canadian Social Services, various Ukrainian churches, St. Michael's Extended Care Centre, Canadian League for the Liberation of Ukraine, UVAN, Ukrainian Cultural & Educational Centre, Ukrainian Book Store, Ukrainian Musical Society of Edmonton, Ukrainian Woman's Organization of Canada, St. John's Institute, Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Edmonton Eparchy, Organization for the Broadening of Ukrainian Language and Culture in Alberta, SUM, PLAST, Ukrainian National Home in Edmonton, Orhanizatsia Ukrainskoho Vyzvolenoho Frontu, Buh River Region 9 Association, Past Ukrainian Political Prisoners, Ukrainian Association of Political Prisoners and the Repressed, Against Dishonouring the Ukrainian Liberation Movement, Brotherhood of the Veterans of the 1st Ukrainian Division of the Ukrainian National Army, World league of Ukrainian Political Prisoners, Fort Edmonton, and the Ukrainian Bilingual Program.

Files 82 to 104 contain brochures from various Ukrainian function. Includes brochures from Ukrainian dance groups, Shevchenko concerts, misc. cultural events/concerts (non-religious), Doctor's Congress: East Meets West, Harvard, Easter Concert (1977), church bulletins, misc. banquet programs, Ukrainian Settlement in Alberta, Ukrainian Festival, Ukrainian National Federation, religious events, anniversary banquets for various priests, Ukrainian Canadian Centennial Festival, celebrations commemorating various people, Ukrainian nationalist events, exhibits/literature events, opera programs, L'viv - Commemoration of 50 years since Ukraine was free, OYH, misc. English brochures, ticket stubs, and commemorative ribbons.

CA BMUFA 0237 · Collection · 1908-1946

This is a typed manuscript of Ukrainian proverbs compiled by Volodymyr Plaviuk (Vladimir Plawiuk). Many have handwritten notes next to them, corrections, or translations.

Plaviuk, Volodymyr