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Parasia and Wasyl Iwanec collection
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Parasia Iwanec correspondence with people and institutions. Letters form UCAMA, Ivan Keywan, Andriy Zakharchenko and Vira Medytska are arranged in separate files.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl

Embroidery, ceramics, and icons

2020.029.a001 - A small model of Ukrainian house; сlay, made by Parasia Iwanec
2020.029.a002 - Icon painted by Parasia Iwanec, wood
2020.029.a003 - Icon painted by Parasia Iwanec, wood
2020.029.a004 - Icon painted by Parasia Iwanec, wood
2020.029.a005 - Ukrainian embroidered shirt for women; linen, wool
2020.029.a006 - Ukrainian embroidered shirt for woman
2020.029.a007 - Obhortka, wool
2020.029.a008 - Lower part of a shirt, lacy
2020.029.a009 - Tablecloth embroidered by Parasia Iwanec, 1949
2020.029.a010 - Embroidered serviette
2020.029.a011 - Piece of homespun cloth
2020.029.a012 - Small suitcase (was deposited with personal documents of Wasyl and Parasia Iwanec in it)

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl


The series comprises materials related to Parasia Iwanec exhibitions. These are photographs taken at the expositions in the National Hall of Edmonton (1971), the St. Basil's Cultural Centre in Edmonton (1973), the Medical Women's Club (1974), the Stony Plain Multi-Cultural Centre in Alberta (1976), Ottawa Public Archives Museum (1978), the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, Germany (1985), the St Catharines Ukrainian Black Sea Hall (1979, 1985), the Niagara Falls Art gallery (1987), the Brock University in St. Catharines (1988), Parliament Building in Ottawa (1988) and others. The photographs show Iwanec paintings on display, as well as audience and receptions. The series also includes materials of other exhibitions such as invitations, programs, announcements, lists of the canvas offered for different exhibitions, prices of artworks on sale, speeches at openings, certificates of honor, biographical information and lists of exhibitions.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl

Materials about Yulian Bucmaniuk

The series contains a collection of articles about Bucmaniuk and catalogues of his artworks assembled by M. Chomiak in 1972;
programs of the Bucmaniuk and his students' exhibitions in the 1960s (one of the programs is signed by Bucmaniuk for Parasia Iwanec), a newspaper article about Bucmaniuk, and one reproduction of his painting.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl

Newspaper сlippings

The series consists of newspaper clippings about Parasia Iwanec's paintings, exhibitions, and life. Publications, where Parasia Iwanec paintings are used as illustrations, and separate reproductions of her artworks are arranged in a separate folder.

Parasia and Wasyl Iwanec collection

  • CA BMUFA 0280
  • Collection
  • 1915-2013, predominantly 1940s-2013

The collection contains materials of an artist Parasia Iwanec such as photographs and reproductions of her paintings, reviews, newspaper articles about the artist, exhibit programs, biography, personal documents, as well as embroidered shirts and tablecloths, ceramics. A small part of the collection consists of Wasyl Iwanec papers such as official documents, memoirs, and autobiography.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl

Parasia Iwanec paintings

The series consists of photographs of Parasia Iwanec paintings - landscapes, portraits, still life, and icons. Most of the pictures Parasia Iwanec supplemented by a description including size, year of creation, used materials (ground and medium). In some cases, the creator also indicated to whom the painting was sold or given.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl

Personal documents

The series comprises personal documents of the creators such as birth certificates, passports, education diplomas, immigration and citizenship records, etc.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl


The series is comprised of the following books :

  • Календарець 1955. Маківка. Зредагував о. С. Хабурський.
  • Календарець на 1959 рік. Ню Йорк.
  • Нелин, Іван. Сини Мої: Оповідання з волинського життя. Торонто, 1951.
  • Добрянський М. 1. Допитання кризи в Державному Цнетрі УНР. 2. Інститут і асоціяція. 1955.
  • Франко, Зіновія. Увінчаний шаною. Київ: Товариство "Україна", 1981.
  • Орлигора, Лев Т. Люблю: лірика. Канада, 1958.
  • Островська, М. Nihil Novi: міркування на мистецькі теми. Штутгарт: Накладом "КЕП", 1946.
  • В 50-річчя УСС. 12 кольорових карток арт. маляра Едварда Козака. Ню Йорк: В-во "Червона калина", 1965.
  • Український декоративний розпис. Київ: Мистецтво, 1989.
  • Ikony ze zbiorow muzeum historycznego w Sanoku.
  • Bukowinian Settlements in Southern Manitoba (Gardenton Area) by John Panchuk. Battle Creek, Michigan, 1971. Self published.
  • Мистецтво України. Біографічний довідник, за ред. А.В. Кудрицького. Київ: Українська енциклопедія ім. М. Бажана, 1997. (added to the UF Library collection)

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl

Ukrainian churches of Alberta

This series consists of materials related to the album "Ukrainian Churches of Canada: Oil Paintings and Commentary by the Author" by Parasia Iwanec, published in Preshow in 1991. The series contains two sets of photographs of Iwanec's oil paintings - with and without historical accounts about the churches. There are also drafts of the following papers: "Ukrainian Churches of Alberta in the Paintings of Parasia Iwanec" by Olha Kolankivska, "Ukrainian Churches of Alberta in the Oil Paintings of Parasia Iwanec" by Ivan Keywan, and several writings by Parasia Iwanec, such as "Brief History of Ukrainian Churches of Alberta," "Ukrainian Churches in Alberta," and an introductory chapter "God, Church, and the Ukrainian nation." There are also six maps and drafts of indexes in the series. Some of the maps Parasia Iwanec and her husband used when they travelled around Alberta looking for churches. These maps contain the creator's marks and signs. Others are contour maps where Parasia Iwanec mapped Ukrainian churches of the region. Some series' materials were intended as integral parts of the album but were not included into the published volume.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl

Wasyl Iwanec memoirs and biography

The series contains a handwritten biography, two notebooks of memoirs, typed "The Sawka family" story told by Wasyl Iwanec and translated by Michael Sawka, as well as a newspaper clippings of his bio and obituary.

Iwanec, Parasia and Wasyl