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Ukrainian ethnic jokes
CA BMUFA 0049-4 · Dossier · 1996
Fait partie de Sogu Hong ethnographic collection

"Study on Ukrainian Ethnic Jokes" describes jokes collected in Edmonton that encompass perceived behavior, customs, personality, or other traits of Ukrainians. Includes questionnaire and recorded interviews.

Sogu Hong ethnographic collection
CA BMUFA 0049 · Collection · 1995-2000

The collection consists of field materials collected by Sogu Hong during his courses at the Ukrainian Folklore program, University of Alberta, as well as essays on a wide range of Ukrainian folklore topics: Ukrainian folk songs, ethnic jokes; immigrant tombstones; calendar customs and family rites, such as Christmas, childbirth, weddings; folk arts and crafts; foodways, and others.

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Ukrainian immigrant tombstones
CA BMUFA 0049-1 · Dossier · 1995
Fait partie de Sogu Hong ethnographic collection

"Study on Ukrainian immigrant tombstones" discusses the ritual of building tombstones for the dead with a focus on the tombstones of the first generation of Ukrainian immigrants.