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        rites of passage

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          rites of passage

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            rites of passage

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              Roman Brytan ethnographic collection
              CA BMUFA 0065 · Collection · 1978-1981

              The collection consists of field materials collected by Roman Brytan while taking Ukrainian Folklore courses at the University of Alberta. It covers the following topics: Ukrainian folk songs both from Ukraine and Canada, ritual songs, and superstitious recollections.

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              Jason Golinowski ethnographic collection
              CA BMUFA 0048 · Collection · 1993-1998

              The collection consists of field materials collected by Jason Golinowski during his master studies at the Ukrainian Folklore program, University of Alberta, as well as essays on a wide range of Ukrainian folklore topics, such as Ukrainian crafts, rites of passage, folksongs, celebrations, personal narratives, and others.

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              One rushnyk
              CA BMUFA 0048-1 · Dossier · 1993
              Fait partie de Jason Golinowski ethnographic collection

              The series consists of an essay "One Rushnyk" which discusses a rushnyk owned by Mrs. Severyn, and its numerous meanings for her. Submission for the course Ukrainian 427.

              Symbolism in the wedding ritual
              CA BMUFA 0033-7-1993.015 · Pièce · 1993
              Fait partie de Brian Cherwick ethnographic collection

              "Symbolism in the wedding ritual marking the passage of a young woman from single to married status" discusses elements of in the Ukrainian wedding tradition that symbolize change for the bride. Includes bibliography.

              CA BMUFA 0075 · Collection · 1978

              The collection consists of an essay written by Nadia Olga Vychopen for her UKR-421 Ukrainian Folklore course at the University of Alberta and describes the village of Zolota Sloboda and the various customs and celebrations within this village as she remembers it.

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              Monica Jensen Ethnographic collection
              CA BMUFA 0224 · Collection · 1999-2005

              The collection consists of assignments for various folklore classes at the University of Alberta including Ukrainian Material Culture (UKR-527), Ukrainian Folk Art and Performance (UKR-528), Rites of Passage (UKR-525), Ukrainian Calendar Customs (UKR-526), Ukrainian Folk Songs (UKR-522), Ukrainian Folk Prose (UKR-523), and Ukrainian Folklore in Canada (UKR-532).

              The collection includes the following projects:

              • Poias for the Babies
              • Bunica's Funeral Dinner: The China
              • A Kuzhil' [Distaff] Among Flowers
              • "Yuriy Fedkowych Ukrainian Educational Society of Soda Lake" Proscenium Screen
              • Ukrainian Rites of Passage: Silence and Pregnancy
              • Iordan, Feast of the Epiphany
              • Katie and Christine: Their Kolomyiky
              • Wolves and Viagra: Katie and Metro
              • Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative by Sandra Dolby Stahl: A Review of the Study
              • On Forgetting

              Recollections of Ropchan (Rapchan) brothers, as well as indexes and transcripts of interviews conducted by Monica for her dissertation are also part of this collection.

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              CA BMUFA 0060 · Collection · 2001-2005

              The collection consists of fieldwork materials collected by Natalie Kononeko during her trips to numerous villages in Central Ukraine in 2001-2005. Interviews cover a wide range of folklore topics including ritual and belief, births, weddings, funerals, songs and stories, and more.

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              High school graduation
              CA BMUFA 0048-5 · Dossier · 1994
              Fait partie de Jason Golinowski ethnographic collection

              The essay is a diachronic study of a High School graduation from a rural Canadian Ukrainian community with a description and history of celebrations after the formal ceremonies.

              Video interviews for the project. Indexes of the interviews available.