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              CA BMUFA 0069 · Collection · 1978

              Collection of texts of songs and verses collected by Christine Nebozuk for her UKR-421 Ukrainian Folklore class at the University of Alberta from informants from Western Ukraine. Contains text to songs given by informants.

              Nebozuk, Christine
              Folk songs and customs
              CA BMUFA 0068-UF1978.004 · Item · 1978
              Part of Irene Scharabun ethnographic collection

              Includes wedding songs and customs, harvest songs, spring songs (hahilky), love songs, humorous songs, Cossack songs, carols, Malanka songs, kolomyiky, and proverbs collected by Irene Scharabun for the UKR-421 course at the University of Alberta.

              Folklore fieldwork
              CA BMUFA 0068-UF1979.010 · Item · 1979
              Part of Irene Scharabun ethnographic collection

              A collection of jokes, proverbs, New Year's verses and texts of other folk songs collected by Irene Scharabun for the UKR-499 course at the University of Alberta.

              CA BMUFA 0050 · Collection · 1996-2016

              Gordon Gordey autobiographical reflection of a 40-year creative journey with The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers of Canada recounts his experiences creating his original artistic works with The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers of Canada. By documenting his dance concepts and librettos Gordey reveals his challenge to contribute original works to the canon of Ukrainian dance that is spiritually connected to generations of continuous cultural practice and resonates with 20th and 21st century audiences in Canada, Ukraine, Russia, and China. He speaks to evolving dance stories that embed themselves in viewer’s minds and become shared cultural touchstones in the evolution of our Canadian identity at home and abroad. Dance concepts and librettos for: Shumka’s Cinderella, Pathways to Hopak, Girl in the Red Dress TANGO, Vechornytsi (the multi-works in Life is a Cabaret), Eve of Kupalo - a Midsummer’s Night Mystery Masque and Voices of the Silenced are enhanced with photographs and video excerpts of the dances in performance.

              This work was published in Ukrainian as a peer reviewed chapter in Collected Papers on Ukrainian Life in Western Canada, edited by V. Polkovsky and M. Soroka, Ostroh Academy National University Press, 2014, Vol. XLVII, Part Seven, pp. 242-275. All rights reserved. The English text was revised in 2016 for the deposit into the Archives. We have digital and physical access copies.

              Gordey, Gordon
              CA BMUFA 0082 · Collection · 1977

              This collection includes songs collected by Ihor Kruk in 1973 in Kuban' from the woman who was born in 1894 and moved to Kuban' in 1905, and proverbs collected in 1977 in Canada.

              Kruk, Ihor
              CA BMUFA 0071 · Collection · 1978

              The collection consists of an essay that analyzes comic elements of Walter Rutka's album "The Ukrainian Cowboy", and an audio cassette, which is a field recording of Walter Rutka singing the following songs: 1) Mansion on the Hill, 2) Bashful Dancer, 3) Homebrew, 4) Lara's Theme, 5) Pryvit, 6) Kolomyika, 7) Molodyi Viter.

              Korban, Joanne
              CA BMUFA 0070 · Collection · 1978-1979

              The collection consists of fieldwork materials collected by Nadia Dmitriuk for her Ukrainian Folklore courses at the University of Alberta and include proverbs and sayings, as well as wedding songs and other traditional songs.

              Dmitriuk, Nadia
              Nick Mischi collection
              CA BMUFA 0029 · Collection · 1932-2004

              The collection consists of Nick Mischi's 90th anniversary album with cards, greetings and photographs, his 95th anniversary album, documents and photographs related to his induction to the Hall of Fame at the Vegreville Pysanka Festival, certificates of appreciation from the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, letters, and other photographs.

              Mischi, Nicholai
              Rodyna Ensemble collection
              CA BMUFA 0112 · Collection · 2012-2017

              The collection consists of the history of the Rodyna Ensemble written by Roman Varenica, a musical CD of their songs, a copy of lyrics of the song "Rodyno" handwritten by Mihajlo Ljahovič 17.08.2012, and a copy of the song "Kalena" also authored by Mihajlo Ljahovič.

              Rodyna Ensemble
              Ukrainian songs project
              CA BMUFA 0066-1978.003 · File · 1978
              Part of Myra Petriw ethnographic collection

              A collection of texts including spring songs (haivky), kolomyiky, religious songs, love songs, wedding songs, Easter songs, harvest songs, as well as descriptions of wedding customs and rituals collected from Alberta residents.

              Petriw, Myra
              CA BMUFA 0023 · Collection · 2014

              The Viter Ukrainian Folk Group Choir was a large group project, supported by KuFC equipment and logistics. Graduate students from the Fall 2014 Folklore Research Methods class (MLCS) taught by Andriy Nahachewsky attended a number of rehearsals and performances by the Viter Ukrainian Folk Choir of Edmonton. Students gained experience using recording equipment, conducting interviews and then published their findings. They produced two short videos documenting the choir on stage and as a community.

              Students: Nataliya Bezborodova, Larisa Cheladyn, Kateryna Kod, Kelci Mohr, Deepak Paramashivan, Allison Sokil and Dana Wylie.

              Aside from two films, there are many photographs in the collection.