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              Ancestry research
              CA BMUFA 0048-10 · File · 1998
              Part of Jason Golinowski ethnographic collection

              This research includes biographical material on the Golinowski family lineage. It contains captioned scanned photographs dating to the 1920's along with original photographs. The ancestry research includes scanned archival records on Myrnam, Alberta. Includes: scanned photographs, indexed interviews

              Golinowski, Jason
              CA BMUFA 0015 · Collection · 1912-2004

              The collection consists of personal documents, immigration documents, photographs, audio and video recordings about a life of Nick and Stephani (nee Hretciuk) Gaudun and John Lakusta and his family.

              Gaudun family
              CA BMUFA 0017 · Collection · [200-]

              Collection consists of four family histories researched and self-published by Gloria Rutherford: Yakemchuk family, Cherweniuk family, Bezmutko family, and Pluta family (Gloria's family on her mother's and father's sides). There are multiple newspaper clippings and family photographs enclosed in the books. Many of the photographs are signed at the back identifying people.
              A local history book "A walk down memory lane" about Hufford, SK.
              "My heritage from the builders of Canada" - a book by Olivia Rose Fry - Gloria's aunt, signed by the author on August 8, 1967: "To my dear niece Gloria and Phill Rutherford"

              Rutherford, Gloria
              CA BMUFA 0048 · Collection · 1993-1998

              The collection consists of field materials collected by Jason Golinowski during his master studies at the Ukrainian Folklore program, University of Alberta, as well as essays on a wide range of Ukrainian folklore topics, such as Ukrainian crafts, rites of passage, folksongs, celebrations, personal narratives, and others.

              Golinowski, Jason
              CA BMUFA 0077-1 · Series · 1973
              Part of Andrew Mazurenko family collection

              Andrew wrote his memoirs at the urging of his granddaughter, Irene Mazurenko, in 1973 when he was 83. He sent them to her as letters. The memoirs tell about his roots, his life back in the Old country, his journey to Canada, and early years in Canada.

              The memoirs were written in Ukrainian. Irene got them translated into English while preparing her family history. She inserted some explanations to the text in Italics, when she felt, they would be helpful. They come from her own memories and stories heard in the family. These five typed pages are also a part of this collection.

              Mazurenko, Andrew
              CA BMUFA 0224 · Collection · 1999-2005

              The collection consists of assignments for various folklore classes at the University of Alberta including Ukrainian Material Culture (UKR-527), Ukrainian Folk Art and Performance (UKR-528), Rites of Passage (UKR-525), Ukrainian Calendar Customs (UKR-526), Ukrainian Folk Songs (UKR-522), Ukrainian Folk Prose (UKR-523), and Ukrainian Folklore in Canada (UKR-532).

              The collection includes the following projects:

              • Poias for the Babies
              • Bunica's Funeral Dinner: The China
              • A Kuzhil' [Distaff] Among Flowers
              • "Yuriy Fedkowych Ukrainian Educational Society of Soda Lake" Proscenium Screen
              • Ukrainian Rites of Passage: Silence and Pregnancy
              • Iordan, Feast of the Epiphany
              • Katie and Christine: Their Kolomyiky
              • Wolves and Viagra: Katie and Metro
              • Literary Folkloristics and the Personal Narrative by Sandra Dolby Stahl: A Review of the Study
              • On Forgetting

              Recollections of Ropchan (Rapchan) brothers, as well as indexes and transcripts of interviews conducted by Monica for her dissertation are also part of this collection.

              Jensen, Monica
              Opryshko family collection
              CA BMUFA 0047 · Collection · 1945-1975

              Collection consists of correspondence between Opryshko family in Canada and in Poland and Ukraine.

              Opryshko family
              CA BMUFA 0287 · Collection · 1963 - 2001

              The collection is composed of еtwo groups of materials. Namely, the St. John the Baptist Church books, and self-published family histories.
              The following books from the Peace River Country Collection are added to the Kule Folklore Centre library:

              1. Калинчук, Микола. Де ставок та млинок. Оповідання. Обгортка й рисунки С. Гординського. ЛЬвів: Видавництво "Вікна," 1930 (has a stamp of the Branch Youth Section Ukrainian Labor-Temple Association and the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, High Prairie Branch;
              2. Настасівський М. Українська іміграція в Сполучених Державах. Ню Йорк: Видання Союзу українських робітничих організацій, 1934 (a stamp of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, Wolyn Branch);
              3. Луговий Ол. Визначне Жіноцтво України. Історичні життєписи у чотирьох частинах. Торонто: Український робітник, 1942 (a stamp of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, Wolyn Branch).