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01 – Project Documentation

This series contains information about project planning, administration, correspondence for the two trips taken by Andriy Nahachewsky to Ukrainian Communities in Brazil. This series includes the collector’s fieldnotes, drafts of databases, information about the three other researchers during the first trip, Brazilian supporters, some of the interviewees as individuals, and the contexts for travel and conducting the fieldwork.

This series contains copies of selected materials from the fieldtrips that were combined, edited, and annotated for presentations in Brazil itself, as well as later presentations and publications based on these trips. Nahachewsky made a number of edited videos on specific topics in the form of DVDs while based in Prudentópolis, distributing them to specific relevant interviewees and community members. He gave public presentations in Prudentópolis, in Irati, and several times in Curitiba, prepared with Photoshop slideshows. Presentations based on the trip were also made on various specific topics in Canada and elsewhere in the following years. Dedicated subseries contain information on the development of the exhibit Oi! Ukrainians in Brazil in Farms and Cities (see also the Nahachewsky collection containing research and publications), as well as editorial drafts and communication related to the book Ukraintsi Brazylii / Os Ucranianos do Brasil / Ukrainians in Brazil (Maryna Hrymych, Andriy Nahachewsky, Serge Cipko, and Olga Nadia Kalko, eds., Kyiv: Duliby, 2011).

This series contains digital and hard copies of printed materials brought from Brazil and which cover general themes about Ukrainians, about Brazil, or about Ukrainian topics. If a publication deals very specifically with the focused topic of one of the other series, it is located there, so a booklet of Easter Haivky, for example, will be placed in the series on Calendar Customs. This series includes copies of newspapers, book and chapter publications, manuscripts, videos, audio files, phonograph labels, printed ephemera, and records of Brazilian-based exhibits. The texts are in Ukrainian or Portuguese, and occasionally in English. Most of these publications are written in Brazil itself, though others were created elsewhere and brought into Brazilian collections.

This series contains photographs, maps and other information about specific locations relevant to the Ukrainian community in Brazil. A subseries is dedicated to landscapes and cityscapes, providing a general sense of the physical appearance of those places. If an item deals with a particular public location that is not specifically associated with Ukrainian cultural life, such as a big cathedral in a city, then it is placed in the series on Public Spaces below. The collected fieldwork on various specific folkloric traditions reveals that Ukrainian Brazilian culture has had strong regional diversity as it became consolidated over the 20th century, and this diversity continues to some degree. A separate subseries of maps in this series contains general and detailed, contemporary and historical maps of Brazil, Paraná specifically, and especially the Municipio of Prudentópolis. Many of the maps are reproduced by photography, and thus divided in segments.

06 – Performing Arts

This series contains documentation of performing arts of the Ukrainian communities in Brazil. A great deal of material focuses on dance, including staged Ukrainian dance, many of the approximately 24 organized groups in the country at the time of the fieldwork, and their histories. Photographs, concert programmes, interviews, and video recordings document this growing field of activity. A separate subseries is dedicated to participatory dance, social dances brought by the immigrants to Brazil and enjoyed at weddings, parties, and other celebrations in their new communities. This series also includes recordings, photographs, and other forms of documentation of musical life, musical instruments, and musicians currently active and historically. A separate subseries is reserved for other performing arts, primarily theatre and drama.

07 – Calendar Cycle

The rich calendar cycle of the Ukrainian communities in Brazil retain a strong connection with the church calendar. They needed to adapt in some ways to the new demographic situation, the warmer climate of the semi-tropics, and to the reversal of the seasons in the southern hemisphere. This series contains interview descriptions as well as participant observation records of Christmas, lent, Easter, Provody, Kupalo, and other calendar cycle events. The focus here is on community and vernacular views rather than clerical perspectives or those of leaders of secular organizations. Researchers may find related materials in the adjoining series on Organized Life, as well as on Church life.

08 – Life Cycle

This series contains primarily interview descriptions as well as participant observation recordings of birth, baptism, weddings, and funerary traditions. The series is particularly strong for descriptions of weddings within living memory in various “regions” of Ukrainian Brazil. The focus here is on community and vernacular views rather than clerical perspectives or those of leaders of secular organizations. Researchers may find related materials in the adjoining series on Organized Life, as well as on Church life.

1 - UCBC National
Subfonds · 1933 - 2020
Part of Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada collection

This subfonds contains materials directly related to the UCBC on a national level. It contains correspondence, meeting minutes from executive meetings and conferences, promotional materials and reports, as well as financial information.

Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada